Attributes of Ayurvedic cosmetics

Ayurvedic cosmetics enjoy immense popularity as they offer multi-dimensional care by combining mild effect with powerful healing properties both for the body and mind. However, it was only quite recently, namely in the last century, when the cosmetics market started to recognise the properties of Ayurvedic cosmetics.

Ayurvedic SPA treatment at your home

From time to time, we all deserve to indulge in relaxing rituals and treatments available in SPA facilities. A soothing soak in the tub, relaxing massage, sensual scents and cozy atmosphere will help relax your body,  calm your soul and restore perfect harmony and balance.

Skincare with oils – the secret of Ayurvedic beauty

Using Ayurvedic cosmetics for skincare, in particular face and body oils, is the best you can do for yourself at your home SPA.

What are Ayurvedic cosmetics?

Ayurveda is a unique healing system originating from India. Its predominant principle is to keep the balance between the body and soul.

Magic of Ayurvedic herbs in kitchen and cosmetics

Ayurveda, as folk medicine of Asia and philosophical movement, is based on the abundance of various herbs growing in Asia.