BIO-HENNA – how to choose color?

ORIENTANA BIO HENNA – 100% natural hair dye which will help you deepen the hair color as well as change it completely.

Natural colour hair

You will get a color change or a deeper shade of your hair colour. Your hair will gain a multi-dimensional tone, brilliant shine as well as become thicker, look healthy and beautiful!

Chemically dyed hair

If you dyed your hair within the last 30 days, it is worth doing a color test on a single strand of hair. Close to the scalp, the color may be slightly less intense initially as here appears natural color of the hair. The colour may be  stronger at the ends of the hair. When used systematically Bio Henna will make shade differences even out.

Hair chemically bleached or blonde, with baleyag, with perm

It is necessary to perform a test on a band of hair

Depending on the chemical substance used, the hair may react in different ways to the herbs contained in our BIO HENNA.

Gray hair

It is necessary to perform a test on a band of hair.

The effect of coloring depends on the degree of pigment loss through hair and on the selected BIO HENNA color. If you want to get an intense shade of Dark Chocolate or Ebony Black and your hair is totally gray, it is worth using Mahogany Red first. It will cover your hair and the following dark color will be able to fully develop on hair.