In November  Orientana organized the ECO press conference “HOW SMOG AFFECTS OUR HEALTH”. The conference took place in Cook Story By Samsung, in Wilanów – a modern  district of Warsaw. It was hosted by a well-known Polish journalist Beata Tadla!

Anna Wasilewska – the creator and owner of the Orientana brand presented a new product – BIO ACTIVE PROTECT CREAM ANTI POLLUTION. She told about its properties and the benefits of its ingredients – Moringa and Schisandra , as well as scientific research that confirms the protective asset of both ingredients. Anna Wasilewska explained how the cream blocks the penetration of harmful particles from pollution. It can even block  very aggressive small particles – PM2.5 and PM10 and cigarette smoke. Moringa and Schisandra also prevent them from locating on the skin! In addition, the cream has an SPF15 protective filter that provides stable protection against UVA and UVB rays. Bio Active Protective Cream is a cream that not only protects the skin, but it is also an excellent anti-aging cream! It will hydrate, nourish, regenerate the skin as well as protect against oxidative stress, delaying and preventing skin aging.

IMPORTANT ! According to the Oxford Dictionary “Annual Word” of the year 2018 was TOXIC ! Not only in interpersonal relations, but mainly in reference to the environment – toxic and polluted.  We need to do everything to stop pollution. And we also need to know how to protect ourselves !

At the conference we presented social campaign “First 24 hours without Smog”, in which the well-known Poles hold their breath – @wstrzymajoddech. We explained the scale of the problem as in Poland smog is present all year round and intensifies during cold days when people heat their homes.  There are more and more victims of contaminated air every year. The smog campaign was created by Global Compact Network Poland and the Walk Group. Its aim is to build the awareness of the smog problem and educate how can we prevent it.

During the conference a dermatologist disscussed about the harmful effects of polluted air on the skin. Pollution not only makes skin age faster but also suffer from inflammations and hypersensitivity. We must take care of our health, but also start making  good choices and contribute to making our planet more and more clean.One of such choices is switching car to electric one, like Nissan Leaf. You can drive it long, charge in special stations and have a charger at home! Nissan was also present at the conference and presented the car. We invited press, journalists of lifestyle magazines, influencers and well-known people from the media. Who was interested in the smog problem ?  Anita Sokołowska (actress from Polish tv series ), Kasia Dziurska (multiple fitness champion, “Dancing with the Stars” finalist),  Kasia Krupa (presenter and dancer, participant of “Dancing with the Stars “) and many others. People were surprised by the information about how bad the air quality in Poland is. Many Polish towns are on the list of the most polluted cities in the world! We need to protect and Orientana provided the solution of reliable skin protection ! Each guest received a new Orientana cream, and the Orientana team answered a lot of questions about the cream and its use.