There are many body butters  on the cosmetic market with most popular and widely used shea butter. In Orientana natural cosmetics we decided to use more often kokum butter which is great for skin but quite unique. It is obtained from the seeds of Garcinia Indica plant. The plant grows in India and is commonly used in Ayurvedic treatments. This plant is typical for the mountain areas as well as for the Indian state of Goa. Kokum butter’s seeds are very similar to closely related mangosteen and are often confused with it. For Orientana kokum butter is a very healthy, ecological raw material due to cultivation without the use of chemical agents, spraying and fertilizers. We buy it from recognized farms and our suppliers have  the raw material certified. As for its physical features kokum butter is one of the hardest vegetable fats, which is why it is are used for the production of lip balms. It is also an excellent base for body butters and solid balms. And apart from its great nourishing features kokum this exotic and natural ingredient  is used also because it absorbs very quickly and does not clog pores! Please spent some time and read about  valuable aspects  of kokum butter.

The use of Garcinia Indica fruits in the food industry

The fruits are purple and are often used for coloring and flavoring dishes. In India they are popular for juice and during hot days they will cool the organism and will protect the body against dehydration. Kokum fruits are also used in food products supporting weight loss. Kokum butter is also used as a replacement for cocoa butter in chocolates to increase the melting temperature of chocolate.

How is butter from the Garcinia Indica plant obtained?

Garcinia Indica fruit has 6 to 8 seeds of a large size, which in 30-40% consist of fats. The oil is cold pressed and at room temperature is in a solid form and forms hard butter. In order to soften it, it is recommended to combine it with other oils. In its pure form it is quite dry and easily crumbles. Its color shades from white and beige. It smells subtly nutty.

What valuable ingredients does Kokum butter contain?

It is a source of essential, unsaturated fatty acids, including omega acids, which help oxygenate the cells and make the nutrients more easily absorbed by the skin. In addition, kokum butter is very rich in vitamin E!

Let’s educate about qualities of Kokum butter!

Kokum butter has strong moisturizing qualities. It will regenerate even the most dry and rough skin in an express way! This is the perfect choice for people struggling with dry, rough parts of the body. Used regularly, it prevents skin drying, helps to heal the cracks present in lips, hands and feet! Kokum butter is often used in skin-healing products. It immediately softens the epidermis and additionally leaves the skin more elastic and toned. Garcinia Indica Butter prevents skin drying and water loss from the epidermis. It contains a whole range of antioxidants that delay skin aging. This natural butter is often used as a substitute for cocoa butter due to its homogeneous triglyceride composition. It works best when wisely combined  other ingredients as it is the perfect base and will transfer valuable nutrients contained in Ayurvedic herbs to the skin.

Products with Kokum butter are a good choice both for summer and winter care. In the summer, it will soothe the skin that has been affected by the sun and even the skin tone after tanning. In the winter it will nourish the dry and chapped skin. It will also protects against frost and cold as well as dry air from heating! Orientana natural cosmetics are rich in Kokum butter and you can find it in our Body Butters, Body Balms, Rich Creams from the Bio Ayurveda series or Lip Balms. Feel free to try them!