Orientana is a Polish beauty brand created by Anna Wasilewska who has always been keen on eco life style and deeply respects Asian nature and culture.

While staying in Asian countries I learnt natural beauty secrets and I deepened my knowledge on Asian plants and their impact on humans. I also learnt cosmetic formulas that are not known in Europe but have been successfully used in Asia for thousands years

– Anna Wasilewska, creator and owner of Orientana.

We make natural cosmetics from Asian herbs. The herbs have been used in natural cosmetics and natural medicine of Asia for thousands years. In our cosmetics we do not use chemical ingredients commonly used in conventional products sold in big chains nowadays. Orientana natural cosmetics are rich in botanical extracts which stimulate the skin and support it in its natural physiological functions. They do not disturb the skin which may be the case in highly chemical products.

As a producer we have access to fresh plant material of the highest quality. Our factory has numerous certificates such as GMP, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015,ISO 22716:2007. as well as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani.

We thoroughly control the quality of raw material. We take care that plants come from regions that are ecologically clean. Some of plants we use are from our own crops.

Our cosmetics are cruelty free. Not tested on animals!


We use fresh, top-quality certified botanical raw material. We take care that all ingredients come from sustainable, ecologically clean regions of Asia, and some of the plants used in cosmetics are obtained from our own crops. When creating our cosmetics, we are inspired by formulas from various Asian countries and we use the latest scientific research. All our cosmetics are dermatologically tested, and manufacturing is based on GMP certificates, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22716: 2007. We manufacture in India, Poland and Taiwan. Our offer is addressed not only to people who care about their look and health, but also to everyone who wants to live in harmony with nature.


Cool Timeline

February 26

Anna Wasilewska creates Orientana brand and registers the company.

February 26

The first nine face cosmetics are sold.

Initially, Orientana cosmetics were planned to be sold by an online store, but our customers liked our first products so much that they contacted us and asked us to make them available in offline stores in their towns. At the same time, a good reception of cosmetics from Asian herbs and a lot of interest in the brand’s philosophy gave us stimulus to create new products.

February 26

We launch the first body cosmetics and our offer expands to 30 products.

February 26

Orientana offer is complemented by hair cosmetic’s.

February 26

Orientana receives IN STYLE BEST BEAUTY BUYS award for Silk Cloth Face Mask Snail Secretion

Since this year we have been widely distributed by cosmetic chains across Poland such as Super-pharm, Hebe and Natura.

February 26

The market premiere of Natural Cream With Snail Slime and Natural Eye Cream With Snail Slime

The first highly natural creams with this ingredient (over 98.1% natural ingredients in the formula). Soon these creams have become market bestsellers.

February 28

Orientana wins the GLAMOR GLAMMIES 2016 award for BREAST BIO OIL 16 AYURVEDIC HERBS

February 28

We get a certificate to use the VIVA symbol – for vegetarians and vegans

February 26

Orientana is granted by BEST IN POLAND Quality Certificate for BIO HENNAS

February 26

Our portfolio extends to 80 cosmetics. We start export activities.

Orientana successfully participates in cosmetic exhibitions in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Tokyo, which results in business cooperation and entering foreign markets.

April 15

Oirentana enters Amazon in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy




Orientana cosmetics are marked with 100% NATURE logo. In this way, we assure you that our cosmetics are free of harmful chemicals. We produce cosmetics free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, paraffin, mineral oil, PEGs, synthetic colors and artificial fragrances. Most cosmetics are 100% natural – these are cosmetics consisting only of the oils and butters, without water content. The degree of naturalness of other cosmetics is 99-95%.


Orientana natural cosmetics are made with high quality ingredients of vegetable or mineral origin. These ingredients come from certified crops. There are no animal ingredients in our cosmetics that would be obtained with the harm to an animal. When creating the formulas, we follow the Ayurveda principle – if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Ayurveda doctor from India supports us in the preparation  of cosmetics formulas.


Our cosmetics and their ingredients have never been tested on animals. Currently in Europe, cosmetics tests on animals are not allowed but there are brands that test on animals to enter markets that require such testing. This approach is unethical and unacceptable for Orientana. We also do not use ingredients derived with harm to animals.


Most of our cosmetics are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. They are often marked with a certified Viva sign – for vegans and vegetarians. For ethical reasons, we do not use palm oil and its derivatives in cosmetics. In non-vegan cosmetics we use ingredients of plant origin and animal origin obtained without harm to animals.


All our cosmetics smell beautifully and the fragrance is natural. They will bring you to aroma of  Asian nature. You can choose both floral versions – the captivating scent of Indian jasmine, Japanese rose, sandalwood or fresh aromas such as lemongrass, green tea or ginger. We use natural essential oils to mark our cosmetics with such awesome aroma.


Orientana natural cosmetics are packed with Asian herbs and plants which have been used for thousands years in natural medicine. A long time ago, Asian women started using them in simple hand-made cosmetics. Recently, the world of science has become interested in these great herbs. Researchers around the world have thoroughly tested them and confirmed their beneficial influence on human skin. In our formulas we use active substances straight from Asian fields and meadows.



We are proud to present cosmetic formulas we have introduced to the European market: solid body balms, facial and eye silk cloth masks, ayurvedic products for hair treatment, natural snail creams, cleansing rituals and Bio Essence Masks for the night treatment.

We have been working on cosmetic formulas based on traditional Asian medicines and at the same time searching for new modern, scientifically proven and natural solutions.

We successfully launched on the market:

Solid Body Balms – balms without water that melt when they touch the skin. They are well known in Asian natural skin care, are hand-made and contain only plant butters, oils and natural beeswax without water and chemicals. Preserved by Vitamin E they are the healthiest alternative to body care. After taking bath just touch hot skin with the balm and it melts under the influence of skin heat. We have created three different aroma types for you.

Facial and Eye Silk Cloth Masks – Face masks and eye masks made of silk cloth impregnated with biopeptides and plant extracts. They are exceptional as we offer masks made of silk fabric, which differs from similar products not only by the content of extracts but also the comfort of use and the skin care effectiveness . The mask perfectly adheres to the skin, so you do not have to be in horizontal position to keep it on face or under eyes, the extracts are absorbed evenly and accurately in every place. The fabric is made in Japan from cellulose fibers obtained from the paper mulberry bark. We offer 5 face masks depending on the skin needs and 3 eye masks.

Ayurvedic hair care – instead of chemical washing substances we used reetha nuts, which contain delicate natural saponins. This is the most natural way of washing hair. Our shampoo and conditioner do not contain SLS, SLES, parabens or silicones. Instead they are packed with Indian herbs which are best for scalp and hair.

A series of cosmetics with snail slime – snail slime used in our cosmetics is obtained without harm to the animal. In Asia, it is a bestseller ingredient ! As it instantly regenerates the skin, Asians use it after aesthetic medicine treatments to heal all imperfections and scars. In Orientana we use a highly concentrated and exceptionally clean slime mucus. You will find this ingredient in Face Creams, Eye Creams, Bio Essence Mask, Hand Creams, Elixir for Cuticles and Nails and Face Silk Mask.

Natural Cleansing Ritual – it is composed from the Nourishing Cleansing Oil For Face & Eyes Neem and Moisturizing Cleansing Foam For All Skin Types Kantola. In Korea, two-stage facial cleansing is very common. This is the first step of the Asian care ritual. First, carefully remove the make-up with oil and then wash the face with a mild foam, so you can proceed to next treatments which will be more effective because your skin is perfectly clean. Cleaning without chemicals will make your skin healthier.

Bio Essence-Masks having gel consistency for the use at night when the skin regenerates best. They combine the amazing power of the Asian Konjac plant, which in combination with water creates a gel that can penetrate and moisturize even very deep layers of the skin. This completely natural gel is the basis of the our Bio Essence-Masks. We offer four product for different skin types and skin problems.


creating Orientana


The creator and owner of the Orientana brand. When working in a corporation a few years ago she decided to change her lifestyle and live healthier and more ecological. She gave up processed food and taught the whole family a healthy lifestyle rules. At the same time, her passion was traveling through Asia. Soaking in Asian life when traveling was a break from corporate reality and an inspiration for the future. Asia inspired her to learn natural skin rituals which employ natural oils, herbs and plant extracts. She explored the natural beauty secrets and learnt how to take care of face, body and hair with natural ingredients. The first ideas for Orientana brand were created in Asia, where people live much closer to nature and have knowledge how to use its gifts in daily care. Asian herbs used in natural medicine inspired Anna to create cosmetic formulas that give amazing results.

She likes to spend her free time reading and with family. When she is not in Asia and not working she can be found in the Polish Tatras hiking. She tries to find time for yoga, cycling and meditation. She does not like to cook, but is a fan of vegan cuisine, especially  the Asian style. Currently, Anna Wasilewska focuses on the development of new products, marketing activities and building Orientana. She also supervises the entire production system, from raw material purchase through formula development to the production of the final product. No cosmetic will appear in the store without her personal acceptance, and meeting her requirements is not easy! Original ideas, unusual cosmetics concepts and out of box thinking – that’s Anna and the secret of her success :-).


He joined Orientana in 2017 but from the very beginning supported his wife in implementing her idea to ​​create a unique brand of natural cosmetics. During the years Orientana has been growing he advised and assisted Anna and she could always count on him. He has 25 years of experience in managing large international companies in Poland as well as abroad. He worked, among others in such international corporations as: Unilever, GSK, Novartis, Sandoz, Recordati, climbing the career ladder from management in Marketing and Sales to the position of General Manager.

When Orientana, as a brand of super good natural cosmetics, started to grow so strongly, expanding in Poland and having requests from abroad and it really was time to start helping on site he understood that after 25 years in corporations he received a new professional challenge … this time it was a challenge from his wife. He joined the team of the best company producing natural cosmetics in Poland – he joined Orientana :-).

Currently, Krzysztof supervises the brand’s sales both in Poland and on foreign markets, and is a mentor for Orientana employees. In private, Krzysztof loves football, movies (Netflix heavy user), Polish rap and alternative music, and he loves Asian cuisine.