Saffron is known to be the most expensive spice. Violet, long flowers of saffron hide inside three red threads – they are the most precious part of the plant which is used in the culinary and cosmetic world. Saffron comes from south-west Asia. In India it is cultivates and used also as dye to make fabric red. Saffron has been known since 2300 BC as ingredient of perfumes and aphrodisiac. Cleopatra was known to use saffron in ancient Egypt. Natural cosmetics with saffron  are special and unique.

The newest scientific research confirm saffron’s influence on skin condition. Saffron rich in carotenoids such as crocin and crocetin as well as flavonoids is strongly anti ageing and anti oxidant. That is why it works so great in cosmetics. The scientific research confirms that saffron whitens skin discolorations and evens skin colour  and components hidden in saffron flowers can block tyrosinase – an enzyme that facilitates production of melanin so the production of melanin is controlled by saffron. The flower also helps in keeping proper moisture within skin.