A plant originating from China with a recognized and scientifically proven healing effect. It has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years, and the first scientific references about its medicinal properties were described in the book of Shen Nong Beng Tsao as early as 2697 B.C.E. The fruit of Schisandra is rich in sugars, organic acids (citric, apple and tartaric) as well as vitamin C. They are used in cuisine for making jams, juices, and can also be eaten raw or dried. The fruit’s seeds are a precious source of vitamin E and lignans – substances that are able to activate defense factors at the skin cellular level and will prevent damage to the skin by free radicals. Scientists have recently discovered these properties of Schisandra and tested them in cosmetic products. In particular they have been interested in activating the skin’s protective mechanisms against toxins and air pollution. During the studies it was also found that the extract of Schisandra’s fruit has unique properties, thanks to which it prevents the effects of oxidative stress, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and sweeps away free radicals responsible for skin aging and destruction.