They grow in India and Nepal on the Sapindus Mukorossi, also known as the soaptree. The shells contain up to 15% of natural saponines. They serve to protect the tree from insects, bacteria and fungi. In contact with water, these saponines turn into an odorless, cleansing foam. It acts as a natural and bio-friednly detergent. In traditional Indian medicine the soapnuts are used to treat skin conditions. They are commonly used as a laundry agent and the leftover water may be safely used to water flowers or other plants. Leftover shells can be composted. Soapnut extract when used to wash the hair gives them a softness and a shine and also helps prevent dandruff. This natural shampoo produces copious amounts of foam and may serve as an alternative to the SLS, SLES and ALS detergents. Shampos and natural cosmetics containing soapnuts are ideal for people with allergies, dermatitis or other conditions affecting the hair and scalp.


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