Winning new markets in Asia! Orientana’s visit to Indonesia and Hong Kong

Despite the cold fall, October and November were hot months for our company! In October we exhibit ORIENTANA cosmetics on the Cosmobeaute Indonesia in Jakarta, and in November we were present at the largest Asian cosmetic exhibition –  Cosmoproof Hong Kong. In both countries we were warmly welcomed, and in Hong Kong we launched for the first time our Bio Active Defense Cream ANTI POLLUTION.

Both exhibitions were interesting experience. We learnt that Customers from Asian countries understood our ingredients as they know them from old natural recipes. However, they do not have access to them in modern formulas. That’s why here, Orientana has a lot to offer. We worked very hard and the interest from local distributors exceeded our expectations.

In Jakarta, our hair products were much accepted. They might soon be available in Indonesia in selected hair salons. In Hong Kong, where smog is everyday problem customers became interested in our new cream that protects against polluted air. Big cities in Asia are struggling with the smog issue, and recently there has been a growing awareness of this problem. We also had many conversations with distributors from China mainland but to tell you the truth  we had to reject most offers. We do not want to test our cosmetics on animals, and Chinese law requires it if you offer cosmetics in stationary stores in China. However, Hong Kong as a free city subjects to its own law and here you can sell in stationary stores without testing. Our Bio Breast Oil was also very popular, and it is possible that it will soon be on the shelves in stores in Hong Kong.

Our presence at the exhibitions is also an opportunity to research the latest trends in cosmetics. Naturally, we were interested in trends in natural cosmetics and we discovered that we have a good intuition 😊.

We have prepared new catalogs in English and Chinese, as well as advertising spots that we will show you in social media, so stay tunes. And soon we’re flying with Orientana cosmetics to Tokyo 😊.