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Sensitivity & redness

Let’s face the fact. More than 60% of the population have sensitive skin. If you experience redness, dryness, irritations and itching you may need special treatment because ssensitive and redness-prone skin needs special protection and exceptional care. But it does not have to be time consuming or expensive! Sensitive skin overreacts to external factors and requires appropriate protection.

Fine lines & wrinkles

Deep wrinkles occur on the skin when it loses its elasticity. This can be prevented by using cosmetics that are rich in natural oils and vegetable butters. Once wrinkles become visible, you should continue to use such cosmetics as the basis of your facial care as these will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to an optimal level. It is also worth to perform a face massage using oils. For make-up removal and face washing, use formulas based on oils or delicate micellar liquids and washing gels that do not contain aggressive ingredients, such as SLS.


Hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration can occur for a variety of reasons.  It could be sun damage or post-acne spots. Uneven skin tone is often a visible problem. Our natural solution is the right choice of skin care products containing ingredients dedicated to even out the skin tone. It is worth using natural active ingredients, such as papaya, snail slime, mulberry extract or vitamin C. You can find them in Orientana cosmetics.

Dry skin & dehydration

Dry and dehydrated skin makes your face look older than it actually is. Dryness can be seasonal or long term. You need to choose natural cosmetics that will not only moisturize but also protect the skin against water loss. Dry skin needs special treatment, always. Even when you wash it you need to remember – dry skin requires special cleansing treatment. Use hydrating night products, essences will also help, as well as high quality face creams.

Blemishes & acne

Acne and blemishes can appear not only when you are a teenager when hormonal changes are the reason. It is a problem of men and women of any age. Usually the sebaceous glands produce too many oil in the skin and this is the reason for  acne and blemishes. But it is more aspects bear responsibility.  Polluted air, processed food and stressful life  – they all help the pimples to appear and they leave their marks on our skin.

Hair loss

if you have a problem with hair loss we really can help. Orientana natural hair cosmetics are made from herbs that have been known in India for years and used by Indian people to strengthen hair. We checked the herbs with scientists and together with our Ayurvedic experts we created finest blends of oils and extract that do work. Their  effectiveness is proven by tests, scientific research and by our customers who really enjoy their magic work.


Natural cosmetic for women hair loss
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